Homeopathy Information

These videos will provide the history and basics of Homeopathy Remedies. However, please note that the speaker, Joette, is referring to classic homeopathy remedies. Ones you can order from a homeopathic pharmacy (or Amazon).

If one has a Homeopathic Remedy Maker machine, one can obtain a customized remedy perfectly matched with the dis-ease of interest.

Video 1 gives good history and background information.

Video 2 goes more into uses of Remedies and why they work.

The real reason Homeopathic Remedies work is because they carry the inverse of the electromagnetic “signature,” or characteristic “color” of the dis-ease. This electromagnetic input to the body helps focus the immune system to address the dis-ease with its characteristic “color,” and neutralize it,

For acute dis-eases, this can work rapidly, and directly. For chronic dis-ease, there are usually layers that have to be worked through before the root cause can be addressed.

It is possible for the immune system to “go too fast” in removing toxins or pathogens, and overload the elimination organs, leading to a “healing crisis.” I.e., the person experiences the symptoms of the dis-ease, without actually being sick. If this happens, stop taking the remedy for a day or two, until the symptoms subside.

Here is a link to some history and explanation of homeopathy..